Red Curry Paste

Red curry paste is one of the most common pastes. It’s used (as its name suggests) to make gaeng (red curries). It’s also used in a number of other dishes such as thort man plaa (fried fishcakes) and some northern sausages. Ingredients 3 dried, long red chillies (approximately 12 cm long), stalk and seeds removed … Continue reading

Curry Paste – The Basics

Every Thai curry starts with a curry paste. At the supermarket one can buy ready-made pastes in jars, but most Thai cooks rather look down on the stuff in jars and prefer either to buy a paste from a local market stall, or make their own. Making a paste the traditional way is a time-consuming … Continue reading

Gaeng Muu Phrik Thai Orn (แกงหมูพริกไทยอ่อน)

Red Pork Curry with Green Peppercorns This is a mild, slightly sweet curry with a citrus-y tang from the peppercorns. Ingredients 60 ml coconut cream 2 T red curry paste 3 T fish sauce 1 1/2 T palm sugar 500 g lean pork, finely sliced 440 ml coconut milk 280 g Thai aubergines, halved 75 … Continue reading

Gaeng Matsaman Neua (แกงมัสมั่นเนื้อ)

Muslim-style beef curry This curry is typical of Southern Thailand, where tastes have been influenced by generations of trading with India.  Unlike most Thai curries, this curry uses dried spices, making it wonderfully aromatic.  It also contains peanuts and potatoes, which is again, not typical of Thai curries. Ingredients 3 cm stick of cinnamon 10 … Continue reading