Thua Phat Muu (ถั่วผัดหมู)

Stir-fried Pork with Beans This simple stir-fry dish combined yard long beans (also known as snake beans) with thinly sliced pork in a salty, garlicky sauce. Ingredients 2 T oyster sauce 2 T light soy sauce 1/2 t sugar 4 T water 2 T vegetable oil 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 350 g lean pork, … Continue reading

Muu Phat Khing (หมูผัดขิง)

Stir-fried Pork with Ginger A simple, Chinese-style stir-fry dish, made Thai by the addition of fish sauce. Ingredients 100 g black ear fungus (also known as cloud ear fungus, black Chinese fungus, wood ear fungus &c.) 1 T fish sauce 1 1/2 T oyster sauce 4 T water (or stock) 1/2 t sugar 2 T … Continue reading

Het Phat Tao-huu (เห็ดผัดเต้าหู้)

Stir-fried Mushrooms with Tofu This Chinese-style stir-fry dish contrasts the firm, meaty flesh of the mushrooms with the delicate silken texture of the tofu. Ingredients 350 g firm tofu, drained and cut into 2 1/2 cm cubes 1 t sesame oil 2 T + 2 t light soy sauce 1/2 t ground black pepper, plus … Continue reading

Gai Phat Bai Graphraw (ไก่ผัดใบกระเพรา)

Stir-fried Chicken with Holy Basil Leaves This is a very common one-dish meal of stir-fried chicken with holy basil leaves.  It’s very spicy, eaten with plenty of plain steamed rice and (often) a fried egg on top. Ingredients 500 g skinless chicken breast, thinly sliced, then cut into smaller pieces 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped … Continue reading